My friends and family would describe me as a friendly, colourful, quirky character with a brain brimming with creative ideas. I love receiving a brief, nothing gets my head whizzing more than finding out what makes an individual tick.  My aim is to give each of my customers a personable, unique experience tailored for them and their needs specifically. While travelling on this creative path together, I want to ensure that my customers style is met and their vehicle embodies their uniqueness.

I have a history of working with fashion and textiles, I am no stranger to the sewing machine! I have always had a connection with materials and have squirreled away many trunks full of beautiful fabrics from all over the world. As well as being a maker, I released my creativity in the education sector as a primary school teacher for some years. This was a highly, motivating environment where small, innocent minds produced imaginative scenarios and images that inspired me and my never ending creative flow. When asked by a child that I used to teach what I was doing now, he said ‘So you used to make clothes for people, then you taught children in schools like me and now you make garments for chairs!’  This phrase really struck a chord, what a wonderful way of putting it!

The Story

Ever since I was born, my family and I would embark on memorable adventures of joy (usually!) in our trusty orange VW camper van, lovingly known as 'Muv'. There was literally nothing better than being packed into Muv by my parents, with all the essential items (that included our cat!) you could possibly need for a spontaneous weekend in the woods or by the seaside. Memories of chugging along twisty, windy lanes, day dreaming and getting lost in the clouds, wafts of bacon sarnies, being wrapped up in a fluffy towel by some loving arms after running relentlessly in the fields or splashing around in the sea for hours and finally collapsing in a content, cosy heap on Muv’s cushions.

The simple things in life are truly the best, nothing resonates this more than being able to jump in to your chosen vehicle and let the adventure begin……