2 Day Starter Course - Introduction to Auto Upholstery the Seat


  • Introduction to using an industrial sewing machine

  • Understand the tools used in the trimming trade and learn about appropriate materials

  • Investigating the seat

  • Learn the skills of how to deconstruct, pattern cut and add decorative details

  • Aim to complete a freshly trimmed seat base

5 Day Intensive - (Whole) Campervan Seat Course


  • Learn how to trim up a whole seat, including the base and upright

  • Investigate the whole seat

  • Understand and apply knowledge about appropriate materials needed

  • Create a range of decorative details (fluting, diamonds, biscuits, French seams, piping)

  • Design the look of the seat

  • Learn the skills of how to deconstruct and pattern cut these items

  • Learn how to create and alter a pattern

  • Aim to complete trimming up a whole seat